Superior Technical Support TEST

Our dedicated group of technical support specialists are here to assist at every step as you connect, collect, analyze, manage and take action on real-time data at the edge.

  • Unrivaled Expertise

    Each of our technical support technicians offers extensive experience in edge computing and Industrial IoT.  We are prepared to assist customer OT or IT departments with our in-house knowledge of legacy equipment, PLCs, dockers, databases, IT networking, integrations, and more.

  • High Customer Satisfaction

    Our customer support surveys prove an extremely high level of customer satisfaction in our industry. Litmus customers report 95% satisfaction with our technical support response time, expertise, problem-solving, and ability to help them bring projects to completion.

  • Proactive Monitoring

    Instead of waiting for a call, we monitor our infrastructure continuously to catch any potential threats to uptime or performance.  Part of our team is dedicated to proactively responding to any issues that may arise with Litmus Edge or Litmus Edge Manager.

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Support FAQs

  • How do we Parse Data from Litmus Edge to Azure Hub?

    Litmus Edge has a component called Integrations which consists of northbound connectors. Users can use Flows to parse the data as per their required format and then publish it to our internal message broker which can then be used to send data to Microsoft Azure. Users can also send the data directly to Azure as per Litmus Edge raw format with a single click.


    Currently templates exist for PLC configuration and flows. Users can select a mix and match of both, and create as many templates as they choose. These templates can then be uploaded at an admin level in Litmus Edge Manager so that they are available to all facilities, or at a company level. Users can create different groups of Litmus Edge devices on Edge Manager and select which template they want to deploy to which group of edge devices.

  • Why aren’t all my nodes included in my Flows back up?

    The most likely cause of this issue is due to the use of custom nodes. If a custom node was used in your flow, you will need to download and reinstall the custom nodes. Custom nodes will not be included in backups.

  • Why isn’t my dashboard saving historical data?

    Flows by default does not save historical data. If you would like to save historical data, please create a database container within the Marketplace that will save the data.

  • How do I create a SQL container within Litmus Edge?

    First select `Applications` from the sidebar. Next select `Marketplace` from the applications menu. Select the appropriate container.

  • How can I prevent the deployment of unknown or unsecure containers into marketplace?

    For containers, we rely on the securities that docker offers. For deployment, you can use certificate-based authentication to add a private registry (Litmus Edge Manager,, Google Container Registry- GCR, Azure Registry, Docker Trusted Registry, Docker Hub etc) and then use images on the registry to launch containers.